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Incredible Places to Visit in Egypt

Being one of the oldest modern countries in existence, there are so lots of big places to visit in Egypt that make it hard to create a list. With historical monuments, wonderful deserts, plentiful waterways, and plenty of cultures to boot, there are many other places that are able to hold and keep your attention. Let’s discuss some of the incredible places to visit in Egypt!

Pyramids of Giza:

You cannot go to Egypt without seeing the pyramids. Actually, you will possibly see them earlier than you think, poking over city skyline of Cairo. The difficulty consists of the smaller Pyramid of Khafre, the huge Pyramid of Giza, the fairly sized Pyramid of Menkaure and the big Sphinx on the eastern side.

Great Sphinx:

The Great Sphinx is the piece of the composite containing the large Pyramids however deserves a catalog in its own right. The statue of a reclining lion with a human being head must be one of the most known monuments on the planet. There is still a lot of debate regarding its origins, and the secrecy nearby its origins makes a visit here even further pleasurable.
Great Sphinx

Valley of the Kings and King Tutankhamen:

The Kings of earliest Egypt built notable tombs for a period of almost 500 years in a valley opposite Thebes. Some 23 chambers and 63 tombs have been excavated in this basin making it one of the most renowned archaeological sites on the planet. No tomb is more renowned than that of King Tutankhamen, whose intact remains and relics were exposed in 1922.


Luxor, now built on the oldest city of Thebes, has been described as the world’s biggest open-air museum. If you go, you will quickly find out why. There are the Luxor and Karnak temple complexes to enjoy; you can cross the river to visit the Valley of the Kings or the Valley of the Queens or visit museums, for example, the Mummification Museum and Luxor Museum.

Red Sea Coast:

The Red Sea coast is on the majority of traveler’s itineraries to Egypt and for great reason. This is mainly because its shallow shelves are overflowing with corals and marine life. Several 1 000 invertebrate species and 200 soft and hard corals pervade these steamy waters and make snorkeling and scuba diving a delight. Those that want a further peaceful holiday will enjoy sunbathing by the seashores.

Khan-el-Khalili, Cairo:

Khan-el-Khalili is probably the best market in North Africa. As labyrinthine in the amount it’s quite safe, apart from the natural pickpockets, so do not be scared to visit deep into its reaches and depths. Prices can be a quite on the high side however you can get painted papyrus, good quality jewelry boxes, backgammon boards or some unique tobacco. There are excellent coffee houses in the market and the al-Hussein Mosque, one of the holiest in Islam.

Egypt is a nation that can be visited all through the year, in spite of the season. Probabilities are high that you will forever see other tourists checking out the attractions, no matter the time of your visit. Above all places, Egypt will surprise you and leave you contemplating the greatness that formerly resided within its borders. You will be fascinated by the rich history and existence of all the places to explore in Egypt.

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