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Best Countries to Visit in the Middle East

An exciting cultural place between East and West, the Middle East provides a great mixture of present metropolises, complex antique gems and archaeological places, and several of the world’s most fantastic natural landscapes. From its historic hubs to the party destinations, we have listed the countries that are the best and most fantastic countries to visit in the Middle East.


It is one of the beautiful countries in the Middle East and therefore is secure for the tour as well! There are several things that appeal to tourists to visit Jordan. The major spots are The Petra that is a city placed into the mountains exciting everyone with its wonderful architecture, the Dead Sea that is super salty, extremely buoyant water that has been appealing tourists for a long time in Amman.


Dubai, a well-known city in the UAE, is absolutely one amongst the greatest places to make a trip to the Middle East. Dubai is house to the modern stylish wonder of human manufacturing, the Burj Khalifa that is taller than two Eiffel towers kept always one on the top of the other, anybody would wish to be at the top! Palm Jumeirah, is an artificial island in the coastal region of United Arab Emirates. It has residential areas as well as hotels that make it one of the best cities to visit in the Middle East.


Home to the Pyramids, a tour on the Nile, Egypt will keep you enthralled each time you visit. The pyramids in Egypt are established in Cairo and Giza, the single existing structures among the Seven Wonders of the antique world. Pyramids were constructed as tombs for the pharaohs and as you enter its huge complex you’d be transported to a spiritual world from the ancient times!


Turkey is ranked 6th in the list of most popular tourist destination in the world. Turkey has one of the world’s largest and oldest malls, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar that dates back to 1455. This marketplace has 4000 shops, 64 streets, and 25,000 employees. Antioch in Turkey is generally supposed to be the first ever Christian church built. Together with the Mesolithic temple- Göbekli Tepe, Biblical city- Ephesus and the World War One battleground- Gallipoli there are 13 sites in Turkey scheduled under the UNESCO’s World traditional places. Not to miss, dear Santa Claus St. Nicholas was born in this country!


Israel has in historical, abundance and spiritual attractions, beaches, and museums that have been appealing tourists worldwide. There are nearly 200 museums in Israel that make it a country with the most number of museums per capita in the world. The major attractions comprise the Dome of Rock that is on the list of Unesco’s World tradition place, the Western Wall and the city of Jerusalem. Other attractions are Mount Calvary, Mount Olive, and Golgotha, where Jesus was said to be crucified.


Cyprus is a country where you need to stop for several natural innovations – Sun, Sea, and Nature. Cyprus has attractive beaches where you can sunbathe and relax or take the chance to experience a new water game. Nature lovers will find Cyprus interesting as well. There are places for cycling, trekking, bird watching etc. Each year nearly two million tourists visit this country. Their sole culture, hospitality, the amazing landscapes, will hold you captive!

There are many other countries that are popular among tourists such as Oman, Qatar etc. From modern architecture to antique architecture and from natural beauty to manmade wonders, Middle East countries contain everything that attracts visitors around the world.

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