The Most Stunning Beaches in Corsica France

Corsica is one of the most significant destinations in France for persons who like to enjoy their vacation at the beach. But, there are some of them lying around, and you only need to find the correct spot that particularly suits your taste. Here are several of the greatest Corsica beaches you and your family can go and relax in throughout your next vacation.

Calvi Beach

What the majority of people desire when they go on a vacation is a simple and still homely beach. Calvi beach has all that qualities, even more. There is plenty of room at this place to lay your towel as it is never crowded. There are umbrella where you can rent out and stay under if you feel the sun is too much for you. Restaurants and eateries serving tasty meals are also everywhere delivering the most amazing French cuisines for you to munch.
Calvi Beach

Palombaggia Beach

Shallow waters and turquoise make Palombaggia beautiful beach the ideal place to be for families, singles, and friends. Walk on the white sandy beach or jump into the clear blue water and have the time of your life. Recently, because of the big features it offers, Palombaggia Beach is regularly becoming one of the most in-demand beaches in Corsica France, so it can get crowded throughout the summer months.

Bodri Beach

Throughout the heat of the day, you wish to find for yourself a place with clear water and fewer crowds where you can relax and enjoy. Bodri Beach is one of the few secret gems in Corsica as it is comparatively perfect. Lots of tourists who come here cannot resist snorkeling once they see the clear waters.
Bodri Beach

Santa Giulia Beach

Santa Giulia is only five miles from Porto Vecchio, making it simple to reach. This beach has developed a reputation for itself as heaven for people who understand the value of an elegant and peaceful beach holiday. The water is blue and clear, and the sand is forever smooth and white. It also retains a high status because of the wonderful facility it provides. There are lifeguards on duty for safety, restaurants serving best umbrella, meals, water sports, and restrooms. You can also hire a boat and cruise away into the ocean; an action that is getting very admired recently.

Campomoro Beach

For those who want isolation Campomoro Beach is the greatest place for you. It is a stunning beach near the city of Campomoro, featuring golden sand and shallow waters. You can go swimming if you like or only stay at the beach enjoying the wonders of nature.

Roccapina Beach

An additional beautiful beach located in a remote and wild area of the west coast of Corsica. Since the beach is small, you are guaranteed an exciting and fun time swimming in the water or just sitting there enjoying the coolness of the environment. You can also take a pleasant trail for a small hike to the old tower on the hill.

By keeping in mind the information provided here, your Corsica beach vacation is definite to be both memorable and enjoyable!

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