The Best Ways to Get Around Paris

France is one of the topmost countries that are famous for tourism and Paris is one of the best cities in France for traveling. Paris is a large and capital city of France and it has many wonderful places for tourism. If you are planning a trip to France, don’t miss Paris. If you are going for the first time in Paris, after reaching there you can face a problem – What way is perfect to get around Paris.

There are several ways to get around like metro, cycling, walking, boating, Batobus, etc. It depends upon the distance which you want to cover. If you want to cover large distances in small units of time, metro and Botobus are the best ideas. And if you want to cover small distances then walking and cycling are best.

Let’s discuss some ways which are useful to get around in Paris. You can choose according to your needs.


It is the best way to see clearly Paris, but it becomes difficult when you are staying farther from traveling site. Paris is a city that everyone needs to see by walking once a time. While walking use Google map instead of a paper map, it proves helpful for staying at right paths. It’s a great feeling to enjoy the weather of Paris by walking.

By Bike

You can take a bike on rent from any bike station in Paris and leave it another station. Bike renting system in Paris is amazing. Rental cost for a bike is also cheap. You have not to pay for the first thirty minutes of your every journey. If your journey is only thirty minutes, then you have to pay 1.70 euro. The rent for the bike increases with time.

By metro

If you want to travel all parts of the city, we suggested you to consider metro. However, metros of Paris are one of the busiest transports in Paris and many people complaints that metros are dirty and crowdie.

While traveling in metro, use map to reach your destination at the proper time. Read full instruction to use metro before entering it. You can buy tickets from any metro station. You can buy one or number of tickets, depending upon your journey. But the metro service in Paris is not much better.

By Bus

There are two types of services for bus, one is city bus services and the other is tourist bus service. You can choose any one depending upon your needs. A city bus service is the same as a metro service to some extent. A city bus takes more time to cover a distance than metro but fare of metro and a bus is the same.

These ways are the best to get around Paris. Hope this article will prove helpful for you to choose a way to get around in France!

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