A Comprehensive Guide to Living in Athens

Various parts of Greek life can draw different individuals around the globe to live in Athens, and with the scope of social-cultural occasions, fantastic eateries (restaurants), alongside the simple right of entry to stunning beaches, sea-shores, there is a substantially more to appreciate in and around the Athens city. Although the predicament with the recession and extreme severity measures Athens remains an engaging spot where you can live.

Education System in Athens:

School is mandatory all through Greece for the children from the age of six to fifteen years old, and understudies need to go through – initial six years at indispensable (Dimotiko), the following three years (03 years) at junior high school (Gymnasio), and a supplementary three unrestricted years at senior high (Lykeion). The kindergartens and pre-schools are accessible for the individuals who need to send their youngsters for early years’ schooling, and the school is partitioned into – spring, summer, and winter terms. There are various scopes of state and tuition-based schools from which you can pick your best fit. The state schools favor those wanting to live in Athens for the more drawn out term and searching for a more profound degree of joining into the nearby community network.


The upgrades have been made to convey in Athens since the city facilitated the 2004 Olympic Games, including the street foundation has been improved as it has the city’s public vehicle organization. Even though the street foundation in Athens is sensibly acceptable, driving isn’t a lot higher. The base age for driving in Athens is 18 years, and if you need to employ a vehicle, you should need to be at least 21 years old. Moreover, drivers should convey a fire quencher, emergency treatment pack, and the admonition triangle in their vehicle all the time alongside the applicable driving reports.

Culture and recreation:

Living in Athens gives a larger number of occasions to find out about history than some other city on the planet. It has a walker zone that extends for 3 km from the lower part of the city. It goes up to the rough outcrop of Acropolis, where probably the city’s main antiquated structures are arranged, including the Parthenon, the Erectheum, and the sanctuary of Athena Nike. Likewise, Athens is home to the diverse gallery that incorporates the National Archeological Museum, with the absolute most significant assortments of the old Greek antiquities on the planet. You can see the scope of Greek craftsmanship at the Herakleidon Museum of Art utilized as a setting for melodic occasions, talks, and meetings.

Tranquil Life:

Even though Athens is the nation’s capital, it has an unassuming community’s demeanor, and you can without much of a stretch locate a tranquil region in rural zones with little towns. Whether it is a spot with extraordinary development and feverish nightlife that is busier than the other European capitals, you can discover calm areas without much of a stretch. It is essentially because of the more seasoned populace in the little towns.


Again the weather plays an important role, and there is nothing like the bad weather that restricts them from having fun at night. Greeks nightlife is very exciting as Athenes has different neighborhoods with clubs, and the best thing is it costs nothing to enter the parties. You only have to pay for what you drink, if it is not a typical Greek club’s parties such as buzukia.

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