Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Israel

Before traveling to Israel, firstly you should know some important facts about Israel, which are:

  • Israel is the birthplace of Judaism people.
  • There are two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic, but English is used by many peoples.
  • It covers only one-sixth part of 1% of the landmass of the Middle East.

Moreover, Israel shares its border with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, Palestinian terrorists of the west bank, Gaza Strip and Egypt, and located in the middle of the northern shore of the red sea and the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

For tourism, it is one of the best countries of the Middle East as billion tourists visit Israel each year and a major source of income of Israel is tourism. The famous places of Israel for tourism are a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism, and ecotourism. Israel attains the highest rank in the world for the number of museums.

Don’t Need Visas and Stamps on Passport

Israel gives you permission without any visa and stamps on passport. You have to concern only one thing while entering Israel – passport has validity at least six months from the date of your entering in Israel. Sometimes Israel provides a loose paper as a visa for visiting, keep it safe until you leave.

Nature of Israelis Is Warm

Nature of peoples who are living in Israel is as warm as the climate of Israel. Israelis like invitations, so invite them for family gatherings, social events, etc to know them closely. In Israel, Shabbat dinner is famous for invitations. Shabbat dinner means dinner on Friday.

Israel Is Too Expensive

Israel is more expensive than you think. Hotels and restaurants are too expensive in Israel. But don’t worry you can save your money by eating food from the street and living near places where you want to travel. Alike other countries, Israel provides the best street food which is good for health. Moreover, it provides several types of foods that you never saw, but most types of foods are as expensive as in hotels and restaurants.

Saturday Celebrates As Shabbat

According to Israelis, a week starts from Sunday and finishes on Saturday. They celebrate Saturday as Shabbat means – A day of Jewish. On each Saturday, markets, buses, trains, many businesses, most shops, and restaurants are closed to celebrate Shabbat. So always give special attention to Saturday when you visit Israel.

Never Joke With Security Checks in Israel

Don’t joke with security checkers in Israel. Security checkers ask many questions to travelers, from which some are very cheap and funny but you have to control your laugh at that moment.


Before going to any country each person thinks about the safety in that country as safety is the most prominent factor for all. Israel provides tight security, so it is safe for everyone. In Israel, soldiers are standing everywhere withholding their weapons like pistols, guns, etc. So don’t worry about safety issues in Israel.

Think deeply on all the above mentioned points and then make a plan to visit Israel. There are many types of cultures and many attractive places to visit in Israel.

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