Best Holiday Destinations in India

India, a soil of several different languages and cultures, is full of numerous surprises. It has a lot of tourist places to stopover that are famous. Here is a list we have created to assist you to choose the greatest places to visit in India in holidays:


If there was paradise on the Earth, it would definitely be at this place. Full with blossoming natural beauty, houseboats, orchards, ghostly lakes and a ton of passionate things that you need do earlier than you die; Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir is the best holiday destination for you. From the snow-covered peaks to the Mughal lakes and gardens, this Venice of the East will take your breath away.


The national capital has been the middle of the trade and maintained its importance all through the times of British, Mauryan, Tughluq, and Mughal. It also has a loaded culture and history. Being the center of a lot of hustle and bustle, the city is a center of commerce, politics, knowledge, and entertainment. Do put it in your list of the holiday destinations in India.


With a host of the most wonderful treks in the whole world, Leh-Ladakh is actually one of the greatest places to stopover in India. Breathe in and let its enthralling monasteries, quiet and total beauty and peaceful mountain bring peace to you.

Munnar, Kerala:

Expressed as God’s own country, Kerala is relatively popular among travelers. It will leave you amazed with its immersive learning experience and the thriving bounty of nature. If you are searching for a place to stopover in India with family where you can kiss stress goodbye, it is the place for you.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan:

Set amidst the immense stretches of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer brings to you a vibe like not anywhere else. With the wealthy intellectual tradition and filled with impressive palaces of royal Rajput gharanas, the stories from this area will take your breath away.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

A most significant visitor destination in India that can also offer a very soothing and calm understanding of a little town in the mountains! Your ideal holiday destination to beat the heat is here. With an extensive and thrilling range of adventure sports, the place is living with peaceful monasteries, forests, valleys, and temples.


Changu Lake and Nathula Pass are sufficient testaments to Sikkim’s beauty that will fresh you off. Village hikes, sightseeing and the ghostly views of Mount Kanchenjunga just add to its attractiveness. Sated with inspiring experiences and lush greenery, Sikkim serves as one of the best places you have ever visited.

Lakshadweep Islands:

How does a getaway to a collection of 36 islands with the cheering aesthetics ever sound to you? Coral reefs, seaweeds, sandy beaches, and all-things-sea, Lakshadweep is a luxury for anyone who requires a break to just lie down in the sun. The freshness and reward of nature supplemented by wonderful resorts promises a luxury vacation.


The city of palaces will maintain you swooning over its complex architecture and impressive structures. With a rich history as well as religious background, Mysore is house to a lot of wonderful architecture. The royal march of elephants that appear larger than life in their bright decorations is a view to watch!

There are limitless places to visit in this country with a rich history and culture. No list can contain all the places to visit in India. Don’t look further and just plan a tour to India to enjoy your life.

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