Different Transportation Options to Travel Around Africa

Africa is a region acknowledged for its spectacular landscapes, striking cultures, wild animal encounters, and marvelous beaches. It’s a travel experience that will crawl under your skin, forcing you to return over and over. But, for many travelers traveling around Africa can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. The most admired backpacking trail is via East and South Africa preliminary in Cape Town and finishing in Cairo. The query maximum travelers ask themselves is “How am I going to get around?” In Africa, there are several different transportation alternatives:

Overland Africa Safari Tours

Overland safari tours are the prearranged package tours of Africa and are full with temporary travelers who would like to see Africa without a hassle. This might be your most excellent choice if you are a little scared about traveling to Africa alone. These tours are more costly, however transport, food and accommodation expenses are incorporated.

Local Public Buses

Traveling by local public bus offers you a chance to be a part of additional passengers’ daily lives. The bus journeys of visitors were often overflowing with the conversation with local Africans and laughter, who went out of their way to ensure that we, as visitors, were made as contented as possible. Generally, these buses are comfortable, safe, and spacious and taken for longer journeys and across borders where there is a high-quality network of sealed roads.


Most of the people are inclined to hitchhike through Namibia and South Africa than other East African countries. Hitchhiking forever brings risks, but it’s a simple way to get around. If you hitch from the side of the road, it’s most excellent to wave your hand up and down as sticking out your thumb is measured rude in Africa.


To travel around Africa, getting from place to place in a minivan is a great way. Minivans are an extremely economical way to get around and are typically taken for journeys up to six hours long within a country. They do not leave until they are occupied, so get on one that looks ready to go and keep away from waiting for hours until it fills up.

Baz Bus

In South Africa, the Baz Bus is a transportation company with chosen routes that commonly follow the travel trail. Baz Bus is a hop-off, hop-on style bus that picks visitors up and drops you off at your accommodation. You decide the route you would like and purchase the ticket. You can buy a ticket for a sure number of days or a more open-ended, flexible ticket.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you plan your African travel adventure, cautiously think about your budget and safety interests for getting around. As public transport is inexpensive and authentic, it’s not comfortable as well as less safe than other alternatives. Buying or hiring a car is the more costly option but will offer you better freedom and maintain a reliable experience. Overland safari tours will be pricey and less authentic but will offer you a comprehensive package and the maximum sense of safety. So, it’s upon you, you can choose as per your needs and budget. Despite how you get around Africa, you will find definitely the experience remarkable.

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